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One of the strengths of Mendix is that it’s easy to connect your Mendix application with other systems. Our App Store is filled with all kinds of connectors and adapters. Here is an overview of some of our connectors:

1. Salesforce.com-Connector

Build Mendix apps on top of your Salesforce.com environment in minutes. Get the rapid development and deployment power of Mendix seamlessly integrated on top of your entire existing Salesforce.com architecture. This adapter quickly and easily allows you to communicate with standard or custom objects in your company’s Salesforce.com instance.



This module allows you to use SAML to authenticate your users in your cloud application. This module can communicate with any Identity provider that supports SAML2.0 or Shibboleth.


3. Kerberos Single Sign On

This module enables Kerberos based Single Sign On in your application. Very useful in Windows Active Directory environments, since this protocol supports Integrated Windows Authentication. As a result, users logged on to the windows domain do not have to enter their credentials to log in to your application.



The LDAP Provisioning Agent is used to synchronize users, available in your Directory Server, to the Mendix Platform using the LDAP Protocol.


5. Excel Importer

Import all the Excel files you want!


6. Excel Exporter

Create templates that export data from your Mendix application to Excel or CSV format. This module creates an OQL query and directly prints the result to a filedocument in your desired format. Add styling to your Excel to create proper headers and styling formats to create a complete report.


7. Skype Call Widget

Skype URIs enable developers to create innovative mobile, web, and desktop apps that initiate Skype calls and chats, enabling your users to reach their friends, family and businesses in a convenient yet familiar way. For example, if your mobile app presents a contact list that contains Skype names or phone numbers, your app can use a Skype URI to launch the official Skype client and initiate a call to a selected contact.


8. Lync

Launch a new (or existing) Lync conversation directly from your Mendix app. Only compatible with Mendix 5+.


9. Google Maps

Bring the world into your application, with the Google Maps widget!


10. IMAP/POP3 incoming email

This module enables your project to retrieve emails from POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS servers.


11. MxSMTP Module

This module lets your application run a mail server. It will process any messages it receives and stores these in your application.


12. SFTP Connection

This component allows exchanging filedocuments with an SFTP server. It allows files to be send to a location, retrieved from a location and file listing of a location (for batch retrieval for instance). Mind that this component works with SFTP (SSH) and not with FTPS (SSL).


13. Simple CSV Exporter

This module is used for exporting to CSV from microflow.


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