Manage scheduled events

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This section describes how to manage scheduled events under Linux.


To manage the scheduled events we have to edit the m2ee.yaml configuration file.

At the end of the configuration file, you’ll see the following content:

 # ScheduledEventExecution can be set to ALL, NONE (default) or SPECIFIED
 ScheduledEventExecution: NONE
 # When using ScheduledEventExecution SPECIFIED, provide a list of actions to
 # enable:
  - Module1.Event1
  - Module2.Event2
  - Module3.Event3

Setting the ScheduledEventExecution option to ALL will cause every defined scheduled event in the application to be enabled. NONE will disable all of them, and SPECIFIED will require you to edit the MyScheduledEvents value to present a comma separated list of scheduled events that you want to have enabled in this specific environment.

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