How To Enable WKWebView for Hybrid Apps on iOS

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1 Introduction

The hybrid app on iOS uses a bare bones browser called a webview. On iOS there are two webviews available: the webview the Safari browser is using under the hood, called WKWebView, and another, older webview called UIWebView, is used by the hybrid app. The WKWebview is the latest and greatest webview, with better performance, a better memory footprint, and less browser bugs.

You can use this awesome webview in your hybrid app as well, and this how-to will tell you how to accomplish that.

2 Prerequisites

Before starting this how-to, make sure you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • You have a Mendix App with mobile support and Mendix version 6.10 or higher running in the Mendix Cloud, either in a Free App or on a licensed cloud node.
  • You have an account for Adobe PhoneGap Build. You can sign up for an account at

3 Building the Hybrid App Package With WKWebview Enabled

3.1 Download the Hybrid App Package

In this assignment you will download the PhoneGap app package so you can change its configuration later. Download the PhoneGap app package using the following steps:

  1. Go the Publish tab in the Development Portal after deploying your app to the Mendix Cloud.
  2. Click Publish for Mobile App Stores.
  3. In the screen that opens, click Publish for Mobile App Stores again.
  4. Select Do it yourself and click Download PhoneGap Build Package. This downloads a zip file that contains the Hybrid app package.

3.2 Change the Hybrid App Package Configuration

Change the configuration so that iOS uses the new and shiny WKWebView by following these steps:

  1. Extract the downloaded archive so you can change the configuration file.
  2. Open config.xml in your favorite editor.
  3. Add the following code directly after the phonegap-version code:

    {% highlight xml %}

    {% endhighlight %}

  4. Add the extra plugin by adding the following code below the other gap:plugin tags:

    {% highlight xml %} {% endhighlight %}

You now need to create an archive with these changes by following these steps: 1. Select all the files and directories you extracted. 2. Right click the selection and select Send to compressed folder. This will create a new archive file that is ready for PhoneGap Build.

3.3 Building the Hybrid App

Build the app by following these steps: 1. Log in to PhoneGap Build 2. Upload the archive you created in the previous section.

This will trigger a build for the Hybrid app, so sit back and relax while your app is being created. When the build is done you can download the new and shiny iOS ipa file, where the awesome WKWebView is enabled!

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