Show the Project Directory in Explorer

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1 Introduction

A Mendix application is by default stored on the local hard drive of the computer on which it is being developed. Sometimes it is necessary to go to this project directory to amend or add files. This how-to will show you how to open the project directory.

2 Opening the Project directory

The quickest way to open the project directory is in the Mendix Modeler via the menu bar:

  1. Click Project and select Show Project Directory in Explorer:

  2. The following window will appear with the project directory shown in it:

By default, the directory is located in the MyDocuments section.

3 Most Used Folders in the Project Directory

When developing an application, the following directories in the project directory are useful for amending the style of the application as well as adding custom widgets and Java actions:

  • theme – stores the .css files that can be used to style the application
  • javasource – stores the JavaScript actions
  • widgets – stores the widgets