How to Activate or Deactivate Your Mendix Account

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1 Deactivate Your Mendix Account

This how-to will explain how to activate and deactivate your Mendix account (MxID). It contains a checklist of things to keep in mind of what to do with your Mendix account when you leave a company or move to another company.

Your MxID can have several roles within the Mendix Platform:

  • Company Admin
  • Company Member
  • Technical Contact
  • Project Contact
  • Project Member (Application Operator, Business Enigeer, End-user, Performance Engineer/Tester, Product Owner, SCRUM Master)

You can also be involved in unsolved support tickets.

Make sure that your MxID has no roles in your company by following these steps: 1. Log in to the Developer Portal. 2. Leave any projects of which you are a team member. 3. If you are a Company Admin, make someone else Company Admin. 4. If you are a Company Member, Technical Contact or Project Contact, ask your Company Admin to remove these roles. 5. If you do not have any of these roles your Company Admin can deactivate your account.

This means that you won’t be able to access the Mendix Platform any more.

2 Activate Your Mendix Account

Follow these steps when you want to switch to another company:

  1. Create a new Mendix account:
  2. Submit a Feedback item to merge your old account into your new account. For more information, read this how-to: How to Set Up Your Profile.
  3. Make sure you have been added as a company member to the new company in the Developer Portal.

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