Submit a Request with Mendix Support

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1 Introduction

This how-to will explain how you can submit a request with Mendix Support.

2 The Support Portal Home Page

You can access the Mendix Support Portal at

This home page enables accessing various Mendix sites that provide important information and tools:

The search box lets you search through the Mendix Documentation for relevant information.

3 Submitting a New Request

If you cannot find the answer to a question on the Mendix Forum or in the Mendix documentation, you can submit a support request. The Mendix Support Portal will walk you through the ticket creation by asking for relevant information based on the type of request.

To submit a request with Mendix Support, follow these steps:

  1. Click Submit a request.
  2. Select an issue from the drop-down menu:

    You can select from the following issues:

    • Incident
    • Request for Information
    • Standard change: New App
    • Standard change: Add App Resources/File Storage
    • Standard change: Change Mendix URL
    • Standard change: (Re)new license
    • Standard change: Assign Company Admin
    • Standard change: Request ATS license
    • Standard change: Reset Google authenticator
    • Key Change request (on-premises)
    • Standard change
    • Non-Standard change

  3. Fill in the fields for the issue type you selected.

There are certain fields that are obligatory. The most important field is the Affected App. You can choose any app to which you have access. You access level is determined by your project role in the Developer Portal. There is always a default company account that you can use to submit general tickets. 

Other fields only appear for certain issues, like in this example:

When you enter the subject of the request, the Mendix Support Portal will suggest relevant documentation for you to read before before submitting the request:


If that does not help you solve your issue, you can submit the request.

4 Request Priority

You can select the priority that you feel the request should have. Please note the SLA regulations for this priority (which can be checked online as well).

The priority is based on the combination of impact and urgency.

These are the possible impacts:

  • High – a high priority production issue with a high impact on the customer’s business, impacting (almost) all users
  • Medium – a production issue with intermediate impact on the customer’s business that impacts a group of users
  • Low – a trivial production issue with no impact on the customer’s business

These are the possible urgency levels:

  • High – the operational functionality is severely disrupted
  • Medium – the operational functionality is limited disrupted
  • Low – the operational functionality is hardly disrupted

You can set the priority to the following levels:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

The request priority is based on this matrix:

You can add large attachments such as project files to the ticket. Please note that Mendix recommends not attaching any files that contain personal identifiable data, credit card information, or other sensitive data.

Click Submit a request when you’re ready to submit the request:


5 Overview Of Requests

By clicking your name in the top-right side of the screen, you can select My activities and see all the requests that you have submitted as well as all the requests that have been submitted on the apps to which you have access:

When you click Follow for an app, you will be informed of all the changes on requests on that specific app.

6 Viewing and Updating Tickets

From the overview, you can easily open a specific ticket, or you can search for a ticket by using the Search requests option. Once you have opened a ticket, you can add comments to the ticket assignee or add new attachments.

The ticket can have the following statuses:

  • Open – the ticket is in the Mendix Support department
  • Pending – the ticket is awaiting your reply
    • You will receive one reminder email before the Mendix Support Portal automatically closes the ticket
    • If you reply, the ticket will be automatically set to Open again
  • On-hold – the ticket has been forwarded to the Mendix second-line support
    • You will be informed on the R&D status and the planned version once a response has been received from the second-line
  • Solved – the ticket has been solved
    • If you reply, the ticket will be automatically opened again
    • You can close the ticket yourself by checking the box Please consider this request solved
    • The ticket will be closed for comments automatically after a set number of days, after which you can a follow-up ticket