Submit Support Requests

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1 Introduction

In order for Mendix Support to pick up and process your support request it’s important to provide the right information. This will speed up the processing of your request and minimizes back-and-forth communication between Mendix Support and the submitter. Here is a list of items that the Support staff needs and uses to process an incident ticket.

For critial production incidents, please contact Mendix Support by phone. Find the phone number for your region on the Support Portal home page.

2 General Information

This is the basic information that is required for a ticket:

  • A detailed description of the exact error
  • A detailed description of the action that was performed when the error was received
  • A description of the desired goal (optional)

Alo select the affecteda app in the request. For more information, read How to Change the Affected Apps for Which You Can Submit Requests.

3 Specifications

Depending on the type of request it is helpful to provide additional information. The scenarios below list what additional information should be provided. 

3.1 Cloud Problem – Deployment Issues

  • Attach a log file (.txt) 
  • The date and time of the incident

3.2 Team Server Problem – Project Issues

  • The Project ID

3.3 Modeler Problem – Modeler Issues

3.4 App Store Content Problem – Module, Widget, Theme Issues

Not all App Store content is compatible with every Mendix Modeler version and not all App Store content is supported by Mendix. For more information, see App Store Content Support.

3.5 Mobile Problem

  • Operating System and the version (Andriod x.x / iOS x.x). For example: Android 6.1.

For Windows Phone, please ask Mendix Support about the current support conditions.

3.6 Browser Problem

  • Operating System (Windows x / iOS x). For example: Windows 10.
  • Browser name and the version _(Chrome x.x/ Safari x.x / Firefox x.x / IE x.x)_ for example: Chrome 54.0.2840.99