SAP Cloud Connector

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1 Introduction

A challenge when running an application in the cloud is to be able to access your on-premises systems in a secure way.

For SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) users, this is solved by using the SAP Cloud Connector. With the SAP Cloud Connector, a Mendix application deployed on SAP BTP can access any SAP system running on premises.

For more information, see Cloud Connector in the SAP Help Portal.

2 Setup

As is shown in the diagram above, a Mendix Application will automatically bind to a connectivity service after deployment on SAP BTP. This service contains the secure credentials of the SAP Cloud Connector. With this configuration, it becomes possible for the OData Connector for SAP solutions to get access to an on-premises SAP system.

An important dependency for the SAP Cloud Connector is the JWT token received from the SAP XSUAA service. This means that a Mendix app can only get access to the SAP Cloud Connector if the app has a XSUAA-authenticated user.

3 Usage

When the XSUAA Connector for SAP Business Technology Platform and Cloud Connector are set up, the only thing a developer needs to do to use it is enable the Use SAP cloud connector flag on one of the OData Connector for SAP solutions operators (such as Get List, Create, or Delete).

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