Mendix on MindSphere

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1 Introduction

If you want to have full integration with MindSphere, incorporating your application into the MindSphere Launchpad, managing the user access via the MindSphere Settings app, supporting OEM based use cases via subtenancy, or offering your Mendix application within the MindSphere ecosystem to other MindSphere customers (multitenancy), then Mendix on MindSphere is the right choice.

2 Mendix on MindSphere

With Mendix on MindSphere, a Mendix app can be fully integrated into Siemens MindSphere’s application lifecycle. This includes the capability to provide your app to third parties in the MindSphere eco system. To find out how to develop and deploy your app to Siemens MindSphere, see Siemens MindSphere – Deployment or have a look at the Mendix Academy Learning paths:

Once your app is registered in MindSphere, there are a number of things you need to consider as you develop your Mendix app. These are covered in the following two documents:

If you want to work with an example application, look at the following document: