Date Range Field

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1 Introduction

A Date range field can be placed inside a Report date parameter to make it easier for an end-user to select a date range, rather than having to specify a from and to date. The report date parameter is then updated with the from and to dates of the selected period.

To add a date range field, right-click the widget and choose Add field from the pop-up menu.

Add a date range field to a report date parameter

2 Date Range Field Properties

An example of date range field properties is represented in the image below:

Date range field in structure mode

Date range field properties have only a General section.

2.1 General Section

2.1.1 Label

The Label property specifies the text that is displayed beside the date range field.

2.1.2 Type

Type determines the sort of range which the end-user can select.

Type Behavior Example Range
Year Allows the end-user to select a calendar year.[1] 2019 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019
Quarter[2] Allows the end-user to select a quarter of the year. 2019 > 2 1 April 2019 to 30 June 2019
Month[2] Allows the end-user to select a month of the year. 2019 > May 1 May 2019 to 31 May 2019
Week[2] Allows the end-user to select a week of the year. 2019 > Week 19 5 May 2019 to 12 May 2019
Period[2] The Period date range field is being deprecated. It is recommended that you use one of the other types of date range field.
[1] The year will be between the Min. year and Max. year (inclusive) specified in the report date parameter widget.
[2] You also need to add a Year date range field if you use a date range field of this type.
– The end-user will need to choose the year before they can choose a date range field of this type.
– The end-user can only choose one of these types, plus the year.