Export Project Package

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1 Introduction

Use this dialog box to export the current app to a Mendix project package (.mpk) file. This is useful, for example, if you want to give someone the entire app, or if you need to provide a test app when submitting a ticket.

Project packages can be imported again into a new app using the Import Project Package dialog box

2 Package Destination

Use this field to choose the directory where the project package file will be created. The default location is a directory called packages inside the project directory.

3 Export Data

When creating a project package from you app, it is possible to include a data snapshot. This snapshot contains data from the local database and any files you uploaded while running the app locally.

4 Existing Snapshot

Select this option when you want to include an existing snapshot in the package. This option is only available when a snapshot is already present. Snapshots can be created via Project > More Versioning > Add Snapshot of Data.

5 Existing Snapshot

Select this option if you want to create a new snapshot to include in the package. This option becomes available after you run the app locally at least once, because a local database will be created when running the app for the first time.