Export App Package

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1 Introduction

You can export an app package (.mpk) from Mendix Studio Pro for backup purposes or to share it with other Mendix developers. This is useful if you want to give someone the entire app, or if you need to provide a test app when submitting a ticket.

App packages can be imported again into a new app using the Import App Package.

To export the package, open the File menu > Export App Package and select the relevant options in the Export App Package dialog box:

Export App Package Dialog Window

For more information on what options you can select, see the sections below.

2 Destination

You can specify the folder to export the package to. The default location is a folder named packages inside the app directory.

3 Export Data

Mendix app packages can be exported to a Mendix package file (.mpk). You can choose to export the built-in deployment database and uploaded files as well, or export with no data. You can choose one of the following options:

  • No data – the package will be exported without data.

  • Existing snapshot – this option will include the existing database snapshot in the export app package

  • New snapshot from current database – will create a new snapshot from the database and include it in the export

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