Import App Package

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1 Introduction

To create a new app from a Mendix app package (.mpk) file, you need to import an app package. The new app can either be stored in a version control server or locally on disk.

To import an app package, do the following:

  1. Select the File menu in the top bar > Import App Package

  2. Browse to the .mpk file you would like to import.

  3. Select the relevant options in the Import App Package dialog box and click OK. For more information on what options you can select, see the sections below.

    Import App Package Dialog Window

App packages can be created using Export App Package.

2 Where Should We Store Your App?

Use this setting to select the location where you want to store your app. This can be the Team Server, a private server (an SVN server other than the Team Server), or a local disk.

2.1 Mendix Team Server

When uploading the app to the Team Server, you can choose between creating a new repository, or uploading to an existing one.

2.1.1 New Mendix Team Server

If you select to store your app in a new Mendix Team Server, a new Team Server app will be created. You need to enter the name for the new Team Server app and repository in the App name field.

2.1.2 Existing Mendix Team Server

If you want to use an existing repository, select the app in the Team Server App option. Note that this works only when the existing repository is empty.

For more information about the Mendix Team Server, see Team Server.

2.2 Private Server

In the App repository address field, enter the address of the repository you want to upload your app to.

2.3 Locally on Disk

Select this option if you don’t need to upload the new app to a version control server. In this case it will only be stored on the local disk of the computer that’s running Studio Pro.

3 App Directory

Use this field to choose the directory where the app files of the app will be stored. If the version control is enabled, the suggested name ends with -main to indicate this will be the main development line of the app.

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