Generate Report Button

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1 Introduction

You can set a report grid to automatically generate the report when the page is loaded. However, if a report page has parameter widgets, you must also add a Generate report button widget so that the end-user can regenerate the report after specifying the parameter(s).

The reports are generated when the end-user clicks the generate report button.

2 Report Parameter Properties

An example of generate report button properties is represented in the image below:

Report parameter in structure mode

Generate report button properties consist of the following sections:

2.1 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see the Common Section section in Properties Common in the Page Editor.

2.2 Design Properties Section

The Design Properties allow you to change spacing and alignment of the widget and hide it on phone, tablet, or desktop, if needed. Design properties may vary depending on the type of the widget. For example, for the text widget you can change its font weight, color, alignment, and letter case.

2.3 General Section

2.3.1 Caption

Caption is the string that the end-user sees on the button that generates reports with the chosen parameters.