Static Label (Document Template)

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1 Introduction

A static label shows a line of static text. You can use it to place custom text inside a data view, template grid or table.

If you want to insert the current page number or the total page count in your document, you can use a token inside a static label (and only in a static label).

Before version 2.5.4, spaces were automatically inserted on either side of the token. This is no longer the case.

2 Common Properties


The internal name of the widget. You can use this to give sensible names to widgets. The name property also appears in the generated HTML: the widget DOM element automatically includes the class mx-name-{NAME}, which can be useful for Selenium testing.

3 Appearance Properties

3.1 Caption

This is the value that will be displayed in the document.

3.2 Style

For details, see Style.