This is the reference guide for version 4 of the Mendix technology.

See the System Requirements page before installing Mendix 4. If you have been using version 3 of our technology, we advise you to read the document Moving from 3 to 4.

If you miss something in the documentation, please let us know through the feedback widget on the right so we can keep extending and improving the documentation.

Visit the Mendix 4 How To section if you are looking for step-by-step guides on some of the more challenging aspects of the Mendix Framework.


Here you find the documentation of the types of documents you can create within the Mendix Business Modeler and the settings that you can configure. Here is a selection of links to the documentation.

Team Server

The Mendix Team Server is a cloud-based repository for you model and external resources like Java actions, custom widgets, etc. It enables team collaboration, version control, and release management.

Business Server

The Mendix Business server executes the model you create in the Modeler. The server is written in the Java programming language and you can write your own Java code to extend your model or our technology.


The Mendix Client System displays the application to the end users.


Everything about the languages within the Mendix Framework.