Create Variable

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With the create-variable action you can create a variable of type Boolean, DateTime, Enumeration, Float/Currency, Integer/Long or String.

Action Properties

Data type

The data type defines what kind of data can be stored in the variable.

Option Description
Boolean True or False
Enumeration One out of a set values that you’ve predefined in your model, or empty
Float/Currency A positive or negative number, eventually with decimal places, or zero
Integer/Long A whole number that can be positive (maximum 263-1), negative (minimum -263), or zero
String A set of characters. It can among others contain letters, spaces and/or numbers

Initial value

Initial value defines the value where the primitive variable will start with. The value needs to be entered using microflow expressions. The microflow expression should result in the type of data that corresponds with the one of the property data type.

Output Properties

Variable name

Variable name defines the name of the resulting primitive variable. It can be used by all activities that follow-up this activity.