Data View Cancel Button

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The cancel button cancels all changes that were made to the object in de data view. The form showing the data view will be closed if the data view property ‘Close on Save/Cancel’ is true.

Appearance Properties


The text that appears on the button. This is a translatable text. See Translatable Texts.


An optional image that appears on the button.


The class property allows you to specify a cascading style sheet (CSS) class for the button. This class will be applied to the button in the browser and the button will get the corresponding styling. The class should be a class from the theme that is used in the project. It overrules the default styling of the button.

Note that the styling is applied in the following order:

  1. Default styling defined by the theme the project uses.
  2. The ‘Class’ property of the button.
  3. The ‘Style’ property of the button.


The style property allows you to specify additional CSS styling for the button. If a class is also specified, this styling is applied after the class.

Behavior Properties

Close button

This property indicates whether this button is the close button of the form. The close button is “clicked” when the user clicks the ‘X’ on the upper-right corner of a popup form.

Default value: True

Visibility Properties


See Button Properties.