Date Picker

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A date picker can be used to display and/or edit a date value. It takes into account the language setting to display a localized calendar.

This date picker allows the end-user to set the birth date of the customer.

A date picker must be placed in a table cell within a data view or template grid and connected to an attribute of type Date. The connected attribute is shown in blue and between brackets inside the date picker.

General Properties

Date format (only for attributes of type DateTime, before version 4.1.0 only in web forms)

The date format determines whether the date part, the time part or both are shown. How the date and time parts are formatted depends on the localization of the user using the application.

Possible values: ‘Date’, ‘Time’, ‘Date and time’ and ‘Custom’.

Default value: Date

Custom date format (only in web forms, only for attributes of type DateTime)

If you choose ‘Custom’ as the date format (see above) the custom date format determines the way date and/or time are formatted. The custom date format is a string that follows the rules in this table,

Symbol No. Example Description
G 1 AD Era
y 1..n 2010 Year
M 1..2 09 Month
M 3 Sept
M 4 September
w 1..2 27 Week of year
d 1..2 12 Day of month
D 1..3 93 Day of year
a 1 AM AM or PM
h 1..2 11 Hour (1-12)
H 1..2 13 Hour (0-23)
k 1..2 10 Hour (1-24)
K 1..2 0 Hour (0-11)
m 1..2 59 Minute, use one or two for zero padding
s 1..2 12 Second, use one or two for zero padding
S 1..3 153 Milliseconds
E 1..3 Thu Day of week
E 4 Thursday Day of week
z 1..3 PST Time zone
z 4 Pacific Standard Time Time zone
Z 4 GMT-04:0 0 Time zone offset
Format Example output
EEEE d MMMM yyy G, h:mm a ss's Tuesday 29 March 2011 AD, 1:37 PM 48s
h:mm a 1:37 PM
yyy D KK:mm 2011 88 01:26
EEEE MMMM d yyy Tuesday March 29 2011
EEE, MMM d, ''yy Wed, Jul 4, ‘01

Placeholder text (only in mobile forms)

The placeholder text is shown when no date has been selected yet. It can be used to give a hint to the user what kind of date should be entered. Note: placeholder texts do not work when a native date picker is available (iOS, Android >= 4.0).

Required (only in web forms)

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Required message (only in web forms)

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Common Properties

Tab index (only in web forms)

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Data Source Properties

Attribute (path)

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Editability Properties


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On change

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On change settings

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On enter (only in web forms)

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On enter settings (only in web forms)

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On leave (only in web forms)

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On leave settings (only in web forms)

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