Drop-Down Search Field

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Common Properties


See Search Field Properties.


See Search Field Properties.

Default value

See Search Field Properties.


See Search Field Properties.

Data Source properties

XPath Constraint

If the ‘drop-down’ search field is connected to an attribute of an associated entity (as opposed to the grid entity itself) the XPath constraint can be used to limit¬† objects¬†shown in the drop-down.

Let us say you have a grid showing bicycles. In the domain model the bicycle has an association to the shops where you can buy those bicycles. You can add a search field to the grid allowing the end user to select a shop by name. The XPath can then be used to limit the shops to those that are in a given country.


Sort order

The sort order specifies the order in which the items in the drop-down search field are shown. You can sort on multiple attributes in both directions (ascending and descending). If no sort order is specified, the drop-down search field sorts on the displayed attribute.

Default value: No sort order

Attribute (path)

The ‘drop-down’ search field can be connected to an attribute of the grid entity, or to an attribute of an associated entity.

See Search Field Properties.