File Manager

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A file manager is used to upload and/or download files.

It must be placed into a table cell within a data view. This data view must be connected to the entity System.FileDocument or a specialization thereof.

Behavior Properties


This property indicates how the end user can interact with the file manager.

Value Description
Upload The file manager can only be used to upload a file.
Download The file manager can only be used to download a file.
Both The file manager can be used to upload, and to download a file.

Default value: Both

Max file size (MB)

This property determines the maximum size of files (in megabytes) that can be uploaded.

Default value: 5

Allowed extensions

You can specify the file extensions that are allowed to be uploaded. If no extensions are specified all file extensions are allowed. Separate multiple extensions by a semi-colon, e.g. txt;doc

If a file with an extension that is not allowed is selected, a system text (File manager > Incorrect file extension) will be shown underneath the file manager.

Show file in browser

This property indicates whether the file will be shown in the browser, instead of being downloaded.

Default value: False

Common Properties

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