Image Viewer

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An image viewer can be used to display an image or its thumbnail.

This image viewer shows the product image.

An image viewer must be placed in a table cell inside a data view or template grid.

Appearance Properties

Default image

This is the image that is displayed if no image is uploaded.


This property determines the width of the image. The aspect ratio of the image is maintained. The image will be placed on a transparent background of the specified width and height so that multiple images with the same dimensions line up.


This property determines the height of the image. See width (above) for more information.

Show as thumbnail

This property indicates whether the generated thumbnail is shown or the full image.

Default value: True

Common Properties


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.

Data Source Properties

Entity (path)

The entity (path) property specifies which entity will be shown in the image viewer. It starts in the data view entity and must end in System.Image or a specialization thereof. If the data view entity itself is (a specialization of) System.Image you can use this entity on the image viewer as well.


On click

This property specifies what happens when the image is clicked:

Value Meaning
Do nothing Nothing happens.
Call microflow The specified microflow is executed.
Enlarge The image is shown at full size.

Default value: Do nothing

Microflow (in the case ‘Call microflow’)

This property specifies the microflow that will be executed when the image is clicked.

Microflow settings (in the case ‘Call microflow’)

The on click settings specify what parameters will be passed to the microflow, whether to show a progress bar or not, and more.

See Starting Microflows.