List Operation

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List operations perform various actions on a list. See below for details on these actions.

Operation Types

A list operation action can execute any of the following types of operations.


These binary operations have as an input a list and either another list or an object. The resulting type depends on the type of the operation. All lists and objects must relate to the same entity.

Operation Description Result Type
Union The result is a combination of the elements of both parameters avoiding duplicates. List
Intersect The result is a list containing elements that appear in both parameters. Boolean
Subtract The result is the first parameter with the element(s) of the second parameter removed. Boolean
Contains Checks whether all elements of the second parameter are present in the first parameter. Boolean
Equals Checks whether the lists contain the same elements. Boolean

Attribute Inspections

These operations take a single list and an attribute as input. The resulting type depends on the type of the operation.

Operation Description Result Type
Find Find the first object of which the attribute has the given value. Object
Filter Find all objects of which the attribute has the given value. List


The Sort operation allows you to sort a list based on a number of a attributes. The attributes are ordered to determine their priority while sorting. The input list remains in its original order while the sorted list is stored in the output variable.

Output Properties

Variable name

The variable name defines the name of the resulting list, object or boolean. It can be used by all activities that follow this activity.