Microflow Trigger

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A microflow trigger can be used to create a button that starts a microflow on a form.

A microflow trigger must always be placed in a table cell. If a microflow trigger is placed within a data view the connected microflow will receive the entity that is connected to the data view as an input parameter.

Appearance Properties


The text displayed on the trigger. This is a translatable text. See Translatable Texts.

Render as

This property indicates how the trigger is rendered.

Value Description
Button The trigger is rendered as a button.
Link The trigger is rendered as a hyperlink.

Default value: Button


This property indicates the image that will be shown in front of the caption of the trigger.

Common Properties

Tab index

See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


On click

This property specifies the microflow that is triggered when the end user clicks on this trigger.

On click settings

The on click settings specify what parameters will be passed to the microflow, whether to show a progress bar or not, and more.

See Starting Microflows.

Visibility Properties


A microflow trigger can be shown or hidden based on certain conditions. See Conditions.