Mobile Form

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Appearance Properties


The title of the form that is shown above all of its content. If the form is shown in a pop-up the title appears in the title bar of the pop-up. The title can be overridden from places where forms are opened to make it possible to reuse a form for different purposes. For example, a New Button and an Edit Button can refer to the same form but override the title to ‘New’ and ‘Edit’ respectively.

Common Properties


The name of the form. You can change the name via the project explorer.


The folder in which the form is located. You can change the folder by dragging the form to another location in the project explorer.


Designer Properties

Canvas width

The canvas width determines the width of the canvas on which you are building the form in the Modeler. This property has no effect on the application whatsoever.

Visible for

The module roles for which the form is visible. This has effect on navigation (menu bar and navigation tree) and on buttons that are visible only if allowed. See, for example, the Edit Button.

See also Module Security.