Mobile Form Buttons

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All buttons placed on mobile forms contain the following properties.

General Properties


The caption can be set to either a literal value, or an attribute value. A literal caption specifies a translatable text. See Translatable Texts. An attribute caption specifies a path to an attribute. The path starts at the entity of the dataview in which the button is contained.


This property indicates the image that will be shown in front of the caption of the button.

Render mode

This property indicates how the button is rendered.

Value Description
Button The trigger is rendered as a button.
Link The trigger is rendered as a hyperlink.

Default value: Button

Button Style

This property applies a predefined styling to the button.

Visibility Properties


The button can be shown or hidden based on certain conditions. See Conditions.

Common Properties

See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.