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Provides the actual methods of which the webservice is composed.

Looking at an operation in more detail, you can see that a microflow can be selected. When you select a microflow, the other fields will be automatically filled These can be changed as needed.

An operation has the following properties:



This is what the operation is called in the WSDL.


Describes the operation and is included in the WSDL.


Defines which microflow will be executed when this webservice is called.



Defines the name of the parameter in the microflow


Defines which type the parameter is, for example a List of Vehicle.


Defines whether this parameter is optional in the webservice call.


Defines the name of the parameter in the webservice call. This is initially copied from the microflow parameter name but can be modified.

Object WSDL Name

Is available when the parameter is a list, and can be used to name the object in the list.

If you click ‘edit’ in the parameter menu, you can select individual members of the entity that is being passed as a parameter.

Return value

This section pertains to the return value of the microflow and how it is transformed back to XML.


Defines what kind of object will be returned by the microflow. If the returned type is a complex type (i.e. something from your entity model) you can use the edit button to select which members will be returned in the same way as parameters.

WSDL name

The name of the return type. This determines the output element name in the XML that results from a webservice call.