Report Pane

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Reports are defined in a report pane, which is inserted in a form.

A report pane has a bottom section and a top section, as described below.

Bottom Section with reports

The reports (report charts and/or basic reports) are defined in the bottom section of a report pane.

Each report retrieves its data from a data set.

Top Section with parameter widgets

If a data set of a report has parameters, the values for those parameters are supplied by the parameter widgets (drop downs and/or date range selectors) in the top section of the report pane. Through these parameter widgets the end user can filter for which data reports should be displayed.

Behavior Property

Generate on load

If the top section contains parameter widgets, its generate on load property should be false, and it should also contain a report button, through which the end user can retrieve the report(s) for the selected filters.

If the top section contains no parameter widgets, its generate on load property should be true.

Common Properties


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.

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