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With the show-message action you can show a blocking or non-blocking message to the user.

Action Properties


Type defines the color scheme and icon of the message.

Option Icon Description
Information Message is shown with a blue frame ([]) and an information icon.
Warning Message is shown with a yellow frame ([]) and a warning icon.
Error Message is shown with a red frame ([]) and an error icon.

Default value: Information


Template defines the text of the message. The template can contain parameters that are written as a number between braces, e.g. {1}. The first parameter has number 1, the second 2 etcetera.


For each parameter in the template you define a microflow expression of which the value will be inserted at the position of the parameter. Parameters need to be entered using microflow expressions resulting in a string.


Blocking defines whether the message appears with a hover on top of the existing form(s).

Option Description
True The message appears in the center of the screen and you have to click it away before continuing in the application.
False The message appears in the bottom left corner and you can continue working in the application.

Default value: True