Vertical Split Pane

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A vertical split pane creates a region that is split in two by a vertical divider. In the client the divider can be moved to the left and to the right by the end user.

If a vertical split pane is placed as a top-level widget in a form, it must be the only top-level widget. Apart from that, a vertical split pane can only be placed directly in another (horizontal or vertical) split pane.

Appearance Properties


This property determines the ratio of the panes in percentages. Both panes are presented by an integer value in this semi-colon separated list. Please note that the sum of the two values in this list must be exactly 100.

Animated resize

This property indicates whether resizing by dragging the diver is visualized in real time or not.

Default value: False


The height property determines the height of the split pane. A height of zero means that the split pane will get the default height that is defined in the theme.

Default value: 0

Common Properties


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.


See Widget Properties.