Data Sources

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Widgets that display information stored in entities require you to assign a method by which to attain the relevant data. Such methods are collectively known as data sources. Widgets that require a data source include all data widgets and input widgets.

Most simple input widgets derive their content from their context. A text box will, for instance, only allow input for attributes of the target entity. The exceptions are those widgets that require an entire object or a list of objects to function. The contents for these widgets can be supplied by four distinct methods:

Which methods are available depend on the widget being used. An overview of relevant widgets and potentials data sources is shown below.

Widget Database Association* Microflow Listen to list widget
Data grid x x x
Template grid x x x
List view x x x
Data view x x x x
Reference selector x x
Reference set selector x x
Input reference set selector x x

The association data source is by definition only available when a widget is nested in an existing context, such as a data view.

The data source can also determine which features of the widget are enabled. For instance; only widgets with a database data source may contain a search bar, as the search bar relies on a database call to function.