Import XML

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With the import-XML action you can import the data stored in a XML document into domain model entities.

Input Properties

XML document

The XML document that will be imported. This should be an object of entity ‘System.FileDocument’ or a specialization thereof.

Action Properties

XML-to-domain mapping

The XML-to-domain mapping defines how to transform the XML document to objects.


If the selected mapping requires a parameter, you can choose it here.

Range (if the mapping returns a list)

The range determines how many objects are mapped and returned.

AllMap and return all objects.
FirstMap and return only the first object. The result of the action will be a single object instead of a list.
CustomMap and return a given number of objects (limit). The limit is a microflow expression that should result in a number.

Validation properties

Validate against schema

Whether the import action should validate the incoming XML against the schema (XSD).

Setting this setting to yes can greatly decrease performance!

Default value: No

Output Properties

Store in variable

Choose whether to store the result of the import in a variable.


The name for the variable that will hold the result of the import.