Microflow Element Common Properties

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Here we discuss properties that are shared by many elements in the microflow editor.

Common Properties


The caption describes to the human user what happens in this element. Captions of action activities can be auto-generated by the Modeler. See below.

Auto-generate caption

The auto-generate caption property specifies whether the caption is automatically generated based on the type of activity.

TrueThe caption of the activity is generated by the Modeler.
FalseYou can edit the caption yourself in the Caption property.

Background color

Here you can choose a background color for the activity. Colors do not influence execution; they are only used for documentation. For example, you can make error handling code red so you can easily identify it.

Debug Properties

Break here

Break here defines whether the microflow is paused when this point is reached or not. If the microflow is paused it can be executed step by step from this point. All input and output data is monitored. Use a breakpoint if you want to find an error in a microflow.

Default value: False

Break condition

If the property ‘Break here’ is set to True, the break condition can be used to define the criterion for when the microflow is paused. The condition can be entered using a microflow expression. The expression should result in True if the microflow should be paused and in False if it should continue.