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Mendix introduced support for MySQL 5.5 in Mendix 5.12, and support for MariaDB 5.5. in Mendix 5.16.

Time zone support

Mendix supports functionality to extract a part of a date and time in a query. In XPath, you can use functions like [hours-from-dateTime](xpath-hours-from-datetime) and week-from-dateTime. In OQL, you can use functions like [DATEPART(..)](oql-datepart) and [DATEDIFF(..)](oql-datediff). In Mendix, DateTimes are stored in the UTC time zone. For a correct working of these functions, it is important that a database supports converting dates and times from the UTC time zone to another time zone. If this is not possible, the functions will operate on the date and time in the UTC time zone. That can lead to incorrect results if a user expects the date part to work in his time zone.

MySQL does not fully support time zone convertion out-of-the-box. You have to fill some time zone tables. See this page for more information about this. However, if you do not use the previously mentioned functions in your queries or if you always want to work with UTC dates and times, then it is not necessary to configure your MySQL database for this.

MariaDB supports an identical configuration for time zone conversions.