Persistent Create Object

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The persistent-create-object action is the result of converting a create-object action from version 3. This action not only creates the object in memory but also inserts a row in the database. This action is deprecated and there will be a warning for it in the error list. Right-clicking the warning allows you to find all occurrences and to convert them to new create actions.

In obscure cases you can detect the difference between the old and the new create action. For example, if you look at the database after the create action but before a corresponding commit action, the object will not be in the database if you used the new create action. Because we cannot guarantee 100% backward compatibility we do not convert the persistent create actions automatically.

Action Properties


The entity of which you want to create an object.

Refresh in browser

Refresh in browser defines whether forms that use the entity of the object being created are refreshed.

TrueObjects of same entity are refreshed in the user's browser.
FalseObjects of same entity are not refreshed in the user's browser.

Default value: False

Output Properties

Variable name

Variable name defines the name of the resulting object variable. It can be used by all activities that follow this activity.