Preferences Dialog

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This dialog contains Modeler-wide user-specific settings.


Close button per tab

If checked, every document tab contains a close button (black X). Otherwise, there is one close button on the right side of the document pane.

Use hierarchical notation for domain model

If checked, the Modeler uses the legacy hierarchical notation for the domain model that was used in Mendix 2.4 instead of the UML-style notation that is used nowadays.

Show ‘Getting Started’ pane on Start Page

If checked, the ‘Getting Started’ pane on the Start Page is shown when the Modeler starts. Otherwise, it is hidden.

Error List

Auto-check delay

The auto-check delay is the number of milliseconds that the Modeler waits after a change, before starting the consistency checks. Increase this setting for large projects if the Modeler becomes sluggish after changes.


JDK directory

This is the directory in which the Java Development Kit (JDK) is located on the computer on which you deploy the application. Usually this setting gets its value automatically.

The JDK is necessary to run Mendix applications because the Mendix runtime is written in Java.