Report Widgets

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With reporting you can create reports over the database data. Reporting is used for creating aggregated information, e.g. total sales per customer.

The difference between a data grid and a basic report is that the data shown in the basic report is not stored in the database. Each time a report is created the data is retrieved from the database. The user can define a wide variety of datasets over the data presented in the report pane. Like for example aggregations, filters, etc.

A report is defined in a report pane, which is inserted in a page.

The top section of the report pane can contain parameter widgets (drop downs and/or date range selectors) through which the end user can filter the displayed data, and a report button through which the end user can start the reporting.

The bottom section of the report pane should contain one or more report charts (to show data graphically) and/or basic reports (to show data in matrices) which define the reports themselves.