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With the ‘Show page’ action you can show a page to the end user.

Input Properties

Object to pass

Object that will be passed to the opened page. This object will be used by data views with data source “caller of the page”.

Action Properties


The page to show to the end user. If the Object to pass is specified, the page must contain a data view connected to the same entity as the passed object (or its generalization).

Page title

By default the title of the page is determined by the page title property of the page. You can replace this title with a custom title if necessary.


Location defines how the page is shown.

In contentThe page replaces the existing top-level page.
Pop-upThe page is opened in a new dialog on top of the existing page(s).
Blocking pop-upThe page is opened in a new dialog on top of the existing page(s) and a hover, that makes it impossible to navigate to another page, is put on top of the underlying page(s).

Default value: Pop-up

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