Table cell

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Each section of a table row or column is called a cell. Cells can contain a wide variety of widgets.

Common properties


The class property allows you to specify a cascading style sheet (CSS) class for the widget. This class will be applied to the widget in the browser and the widget will get the corresponding styling. The class should be a class from the theme that is used in the project. It overrules the default styling of the widget.


The style property allows you to specify additional CSS styling. If a class is also specified, this styling is applied after the class.

General properties

Render mode

The render mode of a table cell determines what the table cell will look like.

HeaderThe text is bold and aligned to the left.
DefaultAll text in the cell is aligned to the left.
TitleAll text in the cell is aligned to the left.

Cell type

Indicates the type of the cell. Two types are supported:

NormalNormal cell containing data (<td>).
HeaderHeader cell containing captions (<th>).

Default value: Normal