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The App Platform takes a lightweight, social approach to enterprise project collaboration. We believe that engaging and empowering people facilitates collaboration and therefore co-creation in any organization. The Mendix App Platform offers a unique combination of project management tools and social activity streams, offering a way to interact with colleagues, app project team members, and even external people involved in projects.

By providing a collaboration platform across the enterprise, the Mendix App Platform breaks down the walls between the different departments and professions. All employees are part of the same private social network and share a wall showing all the “company buzz”. Conversations can be started and turned into ideas. Ideas are organized using a voting system and can be converted into projects. The App Platform offers all tools you expect from a social network, including two-way email integration.

Besides being a powerful social platform, it also offers the tools to manage your projects in an agile way. The social backlog management tools enable app project team members and stakeholders to collaborate and to create, refine, and prioritize user stories. Each user story has its own conversation thread which is also published on the wall to have an intuitive mix of the company buzz and the project activity streams. User stories can be estimated and planned in sprints. The planning overview gives team members and stakeholders the ability to monitor the progress of the current sprint using scrum boards and burn-down charts as well as to plan sprints and releases to define the future of the project.

The App Platform can be used separately from the other Mendix products and its feedback widget can be included in any web application. It offers an open, well-defined API, enabling third-party developers to create their own feedback widgets, plugins, and any other innovative product they come up with.

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