Basic Reports

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A basic report shows the reported data in a grid.

Appearance Properties


The weights are the widths of the columns, expressed as a percentage of the total width of the basic report.

You can edit this property by dragging the border between the columns in the basic report:

Show export button

If this property is true, a button ‘Export to Excel’ is available for the end users on the basic report.

Behavior Properties


The zoom property can refer to a form. When the end user double clicks an occurrence in the report, that form is displayed.

If the other form contains a report, the columns of the current report can be mapped to the parameters of the report in the other form.

Use paging

If the expected quantity of data is too large to be displayed at once, use paging should be true, so that the data is distributed over different pages.

Page size

If Use paging is true, this property indicates the number of occurrences that’s displayed on one page.

Common Properties

Name, Class, Style

See Widget Properties.