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You may want to use certificates to integrate with third parties that require SSL/TLS. There are two scenarios:

  • a third party may require authentication via certificates (client certificates)
  • a third party may use a certificate that is signed by their own authority (certificate authorities)

Client Certificates

For client certificates, only the Public-Key Cryptography Standard #12 (PKCS12) format is supported. You can upload a PKCS12 file on the Environment Details page:

After uploading a client certificate, you will be requested to fill in a password to unlock the certificate container. Note that certificates require an app restart before they become active.

For more information, see:

Converting certificates to PKCS12

Virtually all certificate formats can be converted to the PKCS12 format. For more information, see these links:

Certificate Authorities

Loading certificate authorites works much the same way, although they do not require authentication as these are public certificates.

If you run into any problems installing a client certificate or certificate authority, please file a ticket at https://support.mendix.com

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