Configuring Hybrid Mobile Apps To Run Offline

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Hybrid apps are built in either connected or offline mode. This allows you to maintain two mobile device profiles; one for users that are always online and one for users with intermittent connectivity. The Developer Portal builds connected apps by default. Configuring a hybrid app to run in offline-enabled mode requires minor manual adjustments.

To build an offline version of your app you will need to customize the build package. Follow the steps to build an app package for either iOS or Android in the Mobile App Guide making sure to click Enable offline capabilities in Profile Settings before moving on to the Doing it Yourself section of build instructions. Selecting Windows Phone will disable offline functionality as offline is not supported on this platform. Download the build package and unzip it. In the build package, locate the file index.html and open it in an editor. Find the line containing

var enableOffline = false;

and change it to

var enableOffline = true;

Now, zip the files again into a build package and upload it to PhoneGap Build.