Download File

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The download-file action can be used to enable the browser to download a specific file. The user gets a download popup or the file is shown directly in the browser.

Input Properties

File document

Input file document defines the file to be downloaded. The information of the file is stored in an object of entity System.FileDocument or a specialization.

Action Properties

Show file in browser

Show file in browser defines whether the file is downloaded to a location specified by the user or shown directly in the browser.

Option Description
True File is downloaded to the location for temporary internet files and shown on a new page in the browser.
False File is downloaded to the location specified by the user.

Many browsers implement popup blockers preventing windows to be opened noninteractively, such as through a Microflow. For mobile devices this means that triggering downloads from a Microflow is only possible after disabling the popup blocker. You could consider using a FileManager widget to let the user initiate the download manually.