Moving from 5 to 6

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1 Introduction

Please read the Release Notes about the major improvements we added in Mendix 6.

This documentation aims to help you to update your project from Mendix 5 to Mendix 6. It contains the following topics:

2 Converting Your Project

Before converting your project, please read the sections below.

2.1 Backing Up Your Project

If you are not using the Team Server, make a backup of your project. Check that the backup was successful by opening the project.

2.2 Converting to Version 5.18.0 or Higher

Conversion to Mendix 6 will only work for projects created with version 5.18.0 or higher. However, converting to the latest 5.x version before converting to Mendix 6 is recommended (at the time of writing, this is 5.21.8).

2.3 Fixing Errors and Warnings

As much as possible, you should fix errors and warnings. Take special note of the “Deprecations” in the Errors pane. Most features that are deprecated in Mendix 5 will be completely gone in Mendix 6, and those will result in errors in your project.

2.4 Fixing Deprecations in Java Actions

Fix deprecations in your Java actions by importing your project into Eclipse and solving all the deprecations in the Problems tab. For details on the removed and deprecated APIs, see “Removed Features” section of the Mendix 6.0.0 release notes.

2.5 Double Checking the Project Changes

Verify that during the migration steps listed above, no modules are replaced by removing and importing the module again. By design, this operation instructs the Desktop Modeler to delete a whole module and create it again, which leads to empty entities and associations after the migration is finished.

2.6 Converting!

Now you are ready to convert by simply opening your project in the new Desktop Modeler. There are no explicit actions required after opening your Mendix 5 project in Mendix 6. When you deloy your app from the Desktop Modeler, double check all the domain model changes in the synchronization dialog box in order to avoid unexpected modifications.

3 Java 8 Required

From Mendix 6 on, using Java 8 instead of Java 7 is required to run your applications.

4 Deprecated Features

The features listed below have been deprecated in Mendix 6. Using these features is discouraged, since they will be removed in a future release of Mendix.

  • The float and currency data types have been deprecated in favor of the high-precision decimal type. This includes all microflow expression functions that operate on those types (for example, currenciesEqual, floatsEqual, toFloat, formatFloat, and parseFloat).
  • The specification of project-level access rules for the file and image system entities has been deprecated. Instead, you should create a specialized entity for each use case and configure access rules for those entities.
  • With the introduction of cluster support for Mendix Runtime, the Java API for storing objects in the session has been deprecated. This includes the ISession.retain(), ISession.release(), and ISession.getData() methods. The alternative solution is to store objects by associating them to the System.Session entity. For more information and an example, see Custom Session Data.

5 Removed Deprecated Functionality

Features deprecated in Mendix 4 have been removed in Mendix 6. The sections below will help you to upgrade your existing project and the custom widgets you might have written.

5.1 Client

Below is a list of namespaces that were renamed. This is only relevant if you wrote custom widgets.

Removed Replacement
mendix.dom mxui/dom
mendix.html mxui/html
mxui.addon mxui/mixin
mendix.widget mxui/widget
mobile.dom mxui/dom

Quite a few methods are removed. For details on how to use the new APIs, see the Client Documentation.

Removed Replacement
mendix.dom.liveconnect mxui/dom.liveConnect
mobile.widget._Widget mxui/widget/_WidgetBase
mxui.html.setContent mxui/dom.text
mxui.html.sanatizeHTMLString mxui/dom.unescapeString
mxui.dom.removeElement mxui.dom.orphan
mxui.dom.setTextContent mxui.dom.text
mxui.dom.getTextContent mxui.dom.text
mxui.dom.textContent mxui.dom.text
mxui.dom.removeChildNodes dojo.empty
mxui.dom.clearSelectOptions dojo.empty
mxui.dom.getAncestorClass Element#querySelectorAll
mxui.dom.getElementsByTagNames Element#querySelectorAll
mxui.dom.getAncestorNodeWithAttribute Element#querySelectorAll
mxui.dom.setHTML mxui.dom.html
mxui.dom.getSelectOptions mxui.dom.getSelectedValue
mxui.dom.selectOption Element#value
mxui.dom.hasClass dojo/dom-class.contains
mxui.dom.getClass Element#className
mxui.dom.setClass Element#className
mxui.dom.addClass dojo/dom-class.add
mxui.dom.addClasses dojo/dom-class.add
mxui.dom.removeClass dojo/dom-class.remove
mxui.dom.height dojo/dom-style.set dojo/dom-style.set
mxui.dom.setReadOnly Element#setAttribute
mxui.dom.unsetReadOnly Element#removeAttribute
mxui.dom.applyDisableStyle Element#setAttribute
mxui.dom.applyEnableStyle Element#removeAttribute
mxui.dom.setOpacity Element#style
mxui.dom.insertCss mxui/dom.addCss
mxui.dom.escapeHTML mxui/dom.escapeString
mxui.dom.getFormElementText dojo/dom-attr.get
mxui.dom.getStringSize dojo/dom-geometry.getContentSize
mxui.dom.clone dojo/_base/lang.clone
mxui.dom.getFirstElement Element#children
mx.ui.confirm mx.ui.confirmation
mx.ui.executeAction mx.ui.action
mx.ui.showDialogMessage mx.ui.{info,warn,error}
mx.ui.newContext new mendix/lib/MxContext
mx.ui.getProgressIndicator mx.ui.getProgress
mx.ui.getLocale dojo/_base/kernel.locale
mx.screen.setContent mx.ui.openForm
mx.screen.showProgress mx.ui.showProgress
mx.screen.hideProgress mx.ui.hideProgress
mx.screen.subscribe mx.form.listen
mx.screen.unsubscribe mx.form.unlisten
mx.screen.sendMessage Form#{save,commit,rollback}
mx.screen.getUIPlace Form#place
mx.screen.getTitle Form#getTitle
mx.screen.resumeContent noop
mx.screen.suspendContent noop
mx.screen.disposeContent Form#close
mx.screen.resizeContent Form#resize
mx.screen.reloadContent mx.ui.reload
mx.screen.refresh mx.ui.reload
mx.screen.showLogin mx.ui.showLogin
mx.screen.hideLogin mx.ui.hideLogin
mx.screen.logout mx.logout
mx.screen.layout mx.ui.resize
mx.screen.applyToNode mx.ui.applyToNode
mxui.lib.putContent mx.ui.openForm arguments changed arguments changed
mx.metadata mx.meta
mendix.lang.runBindActions mendix.lang.sequence
mendix.lang.runAsyncActions mendix/lang.collect
mendix.lang.runActions mendix/lang.sequence
mendix.lang.clone dojo.clone
mendix.lang.dupObject dojo.clone
mendix.lang.round dojo.number.round
mendix.lang.toFixed dojo.number.round
mendix.lang.sequence(scope, chain, callback) mendix/lang.sequence(chain, callback, scope)
mendix/lang.collect(scope, chain, callback) mendix/lang.collect(chain, callback, scope)
mx.moduleUrl dojo.require.toUrl
mx.meta.geMetaMap mx.meta.getMap
mx.meta.getMetaEntity mx.meta.getEntity
mx.server.getResource mx.server.get
mendix.lib.MxContext#hasActiveClass mendix/lib/hasTrackEntity
mendix.lib.MxContext#hasActiveGUID mendix/lib/MxContext#hasTrackId
mendix.lib.MxContext#hasTrackID mendix/lib/MxContext#hasTrackId
mendix.lib.MxContext#getActiveClass mendix/lib/MxContext#getTrackEntity
mendix.lib.MxContext#getActiveGUID mendix/lib/MxContext#getTrackId
mendix.lib.MxContext#getTrackID mendix/lib/MxContext#getTrackId
mendix.lib.MxContext#setActiveClass mendix/lib/MxContext#setTrackEntity
mendix.lib.MxContext#setActive mendix/lib/MxContext#setTrackEntity
mendix.lib.MxContext#setTrackID mendix/lib/MxContext#setTrackId
mendix.lib.MxContext#setContextFromMxObject mendix/lib/MxContext#setContext
mendix.lib.MxObject#getGUID mendix/lib/MxObject#getGuid
mendix.lib.MxObject#getClass mendix/lib/MxObject#getEntity
mendix.lib.MxObject#getAttribute mendix/lib/MxObject#get
mendix.lib.MxObject#setAttribute mendix/lib/MxObject#set
mendix.lib.MxObject#hasAttribute mendix/lib/MxObject#has
mendix.lib.MxObject#getAttributeClass mendix/lib/MxObject#getAttributeType
mendix.lib.MxObject#inheritsOf mendix/lib/MxObject#inheritsFrom
mendix.lib.MxObject#hasSubClasses mendix/lib/MxObject#hasSubEntities
mendix.lib.MxObject#getSubClassess mendix/lib/MxObject#getSubEntities
mendix.lib.MxObject#hasSuperClasses mendix/lib/MxObject#hasSuperEntities
mendix.lib.MxObject#getSuperClasses mendix/lib/MxObject#getSuperEntities
mendix.lib.MxObject#getSelectorClass mendix/lib/MxObject#getSelectorEntity
mendix.lib.MxObject#saveSequence +
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getGUID mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getGuid
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getClass mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getEntity
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#hasAttribute mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#has
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getAttributeClass mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getAttributeType
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#inheritsOf mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#inheritsFrom
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#hasSubClasses mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#hasSubEntities
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getSubClasses mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getSubEntities
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#hasSuperClasses mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#hasSuperEntities
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getSuperClasses mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getSuperEntities
mendix.lib.MxMetaObject#getSelectorClass mendix/lib/MxMetaObject#getSelectorEntity

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