Packaging Hybrid Mobile Apps

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If you want to publish your app on the Apple App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Phone Store, you have to wrap your app in a native shell. We use PhoneGap to do this. PhoneGap creates a native wrapper around a web application and provides access to native functions through a Javascript API. These apps are also called ‘hybrid’ apps because they are a hybrid of a web and a native app.

Once you are ready to distribute your app to test users or send it to one of the app stores, you need to package your app into a native app. PhoneGap offers tooling to do this, but you will need to install and configure a lot of software and for building iOS apps you will even need a Mac. The alternative is to let PhoneGap build do the packaging for you and we make it easy for you to do so.

Once you have deployed your app to the Mendix Cloud, you can visit the ‘Publish’ tab in the Development Portal. There, you can choose to “Publish for Mobile App Stores”.