Publish Packages To Mobile Stores

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Mendix Apps can be packaged as hybrid mobile apps. You can publish those packages in the Apple App Store, in the Android app stores, for example, Google Play or the Amazon App Store, and in the Windows Phone Store. These app packages are built with Adobe’s PhoneGap Build cloud service. The resulting apps can then access native functionality, such as the geo location service and the camera.

With our Publish functionality in the Mendix Developer Portal, we can automatically package your Mendix App as an Adobe PhoneGap Build package and upload it for you to the PhoneGap Build service. The resulting hybrid mobile apps for Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone are then available for you to download from the Mendix Developer Portal.

You require an account for Adobe PhoneGap Build, and for all the app stores that you want to publish your Mendix App in. Finally, you require app signing keys. If you want to try out the publishing step, visit the Mobile topic in the How-To section.

Adobe PhoneGap Build

You can sign up for a free or paid plan with Adobe PhoneGap Build. Do this before starting the publishing process.


Apple provides general information on how to publish your iOS app in the Apple App Store. Before uploading your app, make sure to check the App Review Guidelines to make sure your app will be accepted. You require an Apple Developer Account, if you do not have one, register as an Apple Developer.


The Android web site has an extensive overview of the publishing process of Android apps in general. Before submitting your app to an app store, review the launch checklist.

Google provides information on publishing your app in the Google Play Store, and Amazon provides information on how to submit your app to the Amazon App Store.

Windows Phone

You can upload your built package directly to the Windows Phone Store. Check Microsoft’s website for information on the publish process.