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With the show-message action you can show a blocking or non-blocking message to the user.

Action Properties


Type defines the color scheme and icon of the message.

Option Description
Information Message is shown with a blue frame ([]) and an information icon.
Warning Message is shown with a yellow frame ([]) and a warning icon.
Error Message is shown with a red frame ([]) and an error icon.

Default value: Information


Template defines the text of the message. The template can contain parameters that are written as a number between braces, for example, {1}. The first parameter has number 1, the second 2 etcetera.


For each parameter in the template you define a microflow expression of which the value will be inserted at the position of the parameter. Parameters need to be entered using microflow expressions resulting in a string.


Blocking defines whether the message appears with a hover on top of the existing form(s).

Option Description
Yes The message appears in a pop-up in the center of the screen on a blocking overlay, rendering the background inaccessible until the pop-up is closed.
No The message appears in a pop-up in the center of the screen but does not block the rest of the window, allowing the user to continue what they were doing with the pop-up open.

Default value: Yes