Tablet profile

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When enabled, all users accessing the Mendix application from a tablet device will automatically be redirected to this profile. If disabled, tablet users will be redirected to the Phone profile. Lacking that, the user will be redirected to the Desktop profile.

Profile properties



Specifies whether the profile is enabled. If a profile is enabled, it can be used to determine the home page when a user logs into the application. If it is disabled, users accessing the application with a matching profile will be redirected to the nearest equivalent enabled profile.

The Desktop profile is always enabled.

Enable offline support (only Hybrid tablet and Hybrid phone)

Specifies whether the hybrid profile allows users to continue using their Mendix application without a working internet connection. A number of restrictions apply to pages available offline, a full listing can be found here.

Application title

Here you can specify the application title. This title is shown in the title bar of the browser.

Home Pages

Default home page

The default home page indicates which page or microflow is opened when a user has just signed in. If role-based home pages (see below) are specified for one of the user roles of the user, then that home page will be used instead.

Role-based home pages

By using role-based home pages you can show different home pages for different users. If an end user logs in, the first role-based home page of which the user role matches a user role of the user is displayed. If no match is found, the default home page is used.

Per role-based home page you can specify the user role it applies to and the target (page or microflow) that will be opened.

Each device type contains a default menu. You can use these menus in menu widgets. Defining the menu for a device type works in the same way as when editing a menu document.

See Menu.

If [security](project-security) is enabled, the menu will only show items that the user has access to.