Migration From the Sync Process to Collaborative Development

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1 Introduction

For projects with Mendix version 7.23.3 or above, the sync process between the Desktop Modeler and the Web Modeler is replaced by collaborative development with the Web Modeler.

The new collaborative development process is automatically used for newly created apps with Mendix version 7.23.3 and above.

If you upgrade an existing project to Mendix version 7.23.3 or above, you need to enable the new, simplified, way of sharing model changes with the Web Modeler to continue collaborating using both modelers.

2 Enabling Collaborative Development with the Web Modeler

To enable the new process for a project, do the following:

  1. Open the project in the Developer Portal > Settings > General.

  2. In the Web Modeler section, click Enable Now.

  3. After enabling the new process in the Developer Portal, close the Desktop Modeler and reopen it for the change to take effect.

The Web Modeler can now be used for collaborative development in projects with Mendix version 7.23.3 or above.

If you do not enable collaborative development for a project with Mendix 7.23.3 or above, you will see a notification in the Desktop Modeler:

Click Open the Developer Portal and follow the procedure described above.

If you ignore this message, you will be able to work in the Web Modeler, but will not be able to retrieve changes from it and to synchronize its changes with the Desktop Modeler.

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