Generate a Published REST Resource

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1 Introduction

You can publish a REST resource with basic operations based on an entity by right-clicking an entity in the domain model and selecting Expose as REST resource. Alternatively, you can drag an entity or message definition onto the list of resources of a published REST service. This page describes the options you have once you perform one of these actions.

2 REST Service

This only shows up when you click Expose as REST resource in the domain model. Next, choose a service in which to generate the resource and operation.

3 General

3.1 Resource Name

Type the name of the resource that you want to publish.

3.2 Key Attribute

To be able to create a Get by key, a Patch or a Delete operation, there needs to be a unique attribute on the entity. Select that attribute here.

4 Operations

Check the operations that you want to generate:

  • Get all – allows clients to get all the objects
  • Get by key – allows clients to get an object, given its key
  • Post – allows clients to add a new object
  • Patch – allows clients to update an existing object
  • Delete – allows clients to delete an existing object

When you click OK, the following items are created:

  • A resource
  • All the operations that you selected
  • A microflow for each operation
  • A message definition
  • An import mapping (for the Post and Patch operations)
  • An export mapping (for the Get all and Get by key operations)

If you have already created a message definition for the entity, that message definition will be reused. Existing import and export mappings based on that message definition will also be reused.